Knoebel's Grove Bridge

type: King Post
length: 51 feet
built: 1975
latitude: 40.87887599370
longitude: -76.50385160600
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Knoebel's Grove Bridge spans the south branch of Roaring Creek connecting Franklin Township, Columbia County with Ralpho Township, Northumberland County. It is situated in Knoebel's Grove Amusement Park and is located 100 feet downstream from the birthplace of the resort and the original Knoebel's Bridge. Turn of the century visitors came there to swim beneath and jump from the bridge to the waters below.

Built in 1975 at a cost of $10,000, it utilizes the "Kingpost" design. The main roof beams measuring 14" x 16" and 51 feet long were hand hewn in 1865 from the Berninger Grist Mill where they were dismantled in 1974.

Construction of the bridge was led by Dick Knoebel, wherein lies an interesting footnote. His great-grandfather was the builder of the Wagner Bridge in 1874. In 1936, Dick's grandfather, H. H. Knoebel, purchased a covered bridge over West Creek near Benton. That structure was moved and rebuilt some 30 miles to the south by Hartman and Lawrence Knoebel, Dick's uncle and father. Therefore, he represents the 4th generation directly involved with Columbia County covered bridges. .