Rupert Bridge

type: Burr Arch
built: 1847
length: 185 feet
latitude: 40.98140771140
longitude: -76.47256519510
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Rupert Bridge

Rupert Bridge is located between the Town of Bloomsburg and Montour Township. Spanning Fishing Creek, it is on Reading Street, off Fort McClure Boulevard, and left of Pennsylvania Route 42 (Rupert Drive), in the village of Rupert.

Costing $1,637.00, the Rupert bridge was built in 1847 by Jesse W. Beard. It was named after the nearby village, which was settled by Leonard Rupert in 1788. Rupert established a ferry across the river and his home became a popular stopping off place for travelers.

Rupert Bridge was creatively restored and upgraded in 2000-2001 to a Design by the Larson Design Group. The walls and roof are still self supported, with a new load-bearing modern bridge constructed underneath.

Rupert Bridge before reconstruction
before reconstruction

Rupert Bridge
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